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Maintain Clean Air Ducts Throughout Your Property

Air duct and HVAC unit cleaning are now considered the first step towards indoor air pollution control, provided that they are done properly. This means following the EPA's recommended cleaning techniques and using the appropriate equipment, which are essential for managing massive contaminant disturbances.

We bring more than 10 years of experience to sanitizing HVAC systems using certified green products and the latest Air-Care professional air duct cleaning equipment, which is EPA-registered, 100% NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) compliant, and FDA-approved for use in hospitals.

ATI is always ready and looking forward to fulfilling customers' requests. In fact, our exclusive QA/QC program (itemized below) includes complimentary duct cleaning video proofing from day one.

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Residential Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning - Options and Pricing

Base pricing set forth below is for one HVAC system, featuring up to 16 supply air vents and three return air intakes. If you have a large home with over 20 vents and/or two or more separate HVAC systems, contact us for custom pricing.

Standard Air Duct Cleaning - Ductwork Only (Limited Service)
This service applies best to newly constructed homes, or when your HVAC unit is fairly new and/or regularly maintained by a reputable HVAC contractor. It includes all existing vents/grilles, branches, main supply and return ducts, distribution plenums, and filter housing cleaning.

  • Single Family Homes and Townhouses: $349
  • Small (One Bedroom) Apartments and Condos: $289

HVAC (i.e., Furnace or Air Handler) Unit Cleaning - NADCA/EPA Compliant Comprehensive Service
If your HVAC unit is four years or older, has been poorly maintained, or there is visible mold growth within, the NADCA/EPA recommends having it cleaned along with the ductwork. This option adds blower fan, heat exchanger, A/C coil, drain plumbing, and cabinet insulation cleaning.

  • $150 with Air Duct Cleaning (Exclusive Service): $499
  • Any Additional System/HVAC Zone Cleaning: $30 Off

*First Floor Dryer Vent Cleaning - $35 with Air Duct Cleaning (Exclusive Service): $109