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Prevent a dryer fires. Have your dryer vent professionally cleaned today!Clogged Dryer Vents - More Than Annoying.

Besides preventing fast drying action, excessive lint build-up or bird nesting in dryer vents may cause the dryer's temperature limit safety switch to cycle continuously, resulting in (1) Higher dryer operation costs, (2) Clothing damage, or worse; (3) Overheating, which could possibly cause a Dryer Fire.

Ro-Vac Professional dryer vent cleaning system. Removes lint and bird nests, cleans small vents and air ducts.Fortunately, this problem has a Fast & Economical Solution. The key to optimal dryer performance is insuring proper exhaust airflow, and our newest Ro-Vac D4 professional dryer vent cleaning system was engineered exclusively for such a task. It features special attachments that grab & pull soft blockages (wet lint, bird nests), and self-maneuvering brush drivers that can reach & thoroughly clean any length or shape dryer duct. No other system (hose brush, compressed-air tool) works nearly as good ...if at all !!

We're committed to deliver the highest quality services that you seek, for which invest in specialty tools that insure a job well done. So-please, save your receipt. With our newest D4, we Guarantee dryer vent cleaning at least 3 months.


Professional Dryer Vent, Air Duct Cleaning contractor for Maryland, Washington DC and Northern VirginiaBasement, 1St. Floor Dryer Vent Cleaning:  $109.00
2nd. floor wall-mounted dryer vents (Up to 20 Ft. high):  $149.00         240-388-0030
3Rd. floor, roof-mounted vents (Over 20 Ft. High):  Call For Pricing 
Service Coverage Area: Washington DC, Montgomery, Howard, PG, Arlington, Fairfax, P. William & Loudon County. Special Reminder: Check our HVAC Cleaning Service!

Universal bird guard. It should be installed after dryer lint removal and vent cleaning to eliminate bird nesting.Home | About Air Tech | References | Air Duct Cleaning Service

Stop Birds & Other Pests From Nesting In Your Dryer Vent!

Universal bird screen fits over all standard dryer and bathroom vent end tips for positive protection against birds, rodents and other pests. Just $55.00, Installed! With dryer vent cleaning.

Special Note - Because dryer's exhaust airflow is more important than heat in the drying process, the use of proper dryer venting materials as well as adequate installation not only validate our exclusive 3-Month cleaning service warranty, but also helps achieving maximum dryer performance, resulting in lower electric/gas usage over time. In order to achieve these savings,

  • Your dryer vent should be independent from all other exhaust systems and vented outdoors
  • Dryer ducts must be at least 4" in diameter and/or as large as the dryer's outlet
  • Only flexible metal connectors should be used between the dryer machine and the exhaust duct
  • Duct-work joints should be secured with metal tape only, never screws or rivets
  • Joints should be installed so the pipe connections point in the direction of the airflow
  • Structurally concealed dryer vent ducts must be rigid metal (galvanized or aluminum)
  • Outside end tip should not be obstructed or concealed (i.e. under decking or siding material)
  • Outside dryer vent tip should be equipped with a back-draft damper, and a 1" rodent/bird screen

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